Our cuisine

Quality, tradition, and passion

Triass's cuisine offers both meat and fish dishes, always relying on the freshness and quality of the raw materials, chosen with care and passion, also based on their seasonality. These raw materials are then cooked in a simple way, respecting the flavors of tradition, alongside innovative techniques and pairings. This is to revive for our customers the experience of old-fashioned cooking, revisited in a more modern key.

Our menu, in particular, varies according to the seasons of the year, offering along with the “historical dishes of Triass”, always new seasonal dishes.

For our land dishes, we select the best cuts of meat strictly of Piedmontese origin. For fish dishes, like mullet, pasta with seafood, or our raw specialties, we seek the freshness and quality of the best catch from our seas.

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Our cuisine

Our cuisine

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