A privileged position on the Arona lakeside

The Osteria Triass is a restaurant-pizzeria that enjoys an excellent position on the lakeside of Arona, nestled in a building from the '50s with arches that open the view to the Lake Maggiore and the Rocca di Angera.

In winter, we have a large, fully enclosed, and heated outdoor area. An elegant setting for all occasions that incorporates vintage elements (like an old Campari sign reminiscent of the brand's golden years between 1970 and 1980) and more modern elements such as the illuminated wall, which with colored glass bottles, characterizes the indoor room.

In summer, the outdoor tables on the beautiful Arona lakeside promenade are highly sought after, offering a view of the breathtaking scenery: a postcard scene with the lake, Swiss Alps, and little towns along the Lombard shore of the Lake.

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